The Family

Conklin Farms is located in Newville, Pennsylvania.  The 65 acre farm was purchased in 2004 by Joanne & Joseph Conklin. Joseph was a finance professional turned farmer with a passion for vegetables and for sustainable agriculture. Joanne and Joseph have two children, Mary & Joe.  Mary is a local school teacher who helps on the farm.  Joe is the head farmer and is responsible for most of the farming operation.  

The Farm

The original farmhouse & barn (circa 1865) still stand but have been updated.  Since 2004 about 20 acres were left to pasture in anticipation of opening an organic farm someday.  That “someday” occurred in 2015.   The goal of the farm is to produce a wide range of quality food for consumers using organic practices.  The food list includes vegetables, small fruits, grass fed beef, poultry (chickens and turkeys), eggs and pork.