Our philosophy begins with building a healthy soil web, where we want to have high organic matter and not apply anything that could potentially damage the good living organisms in the soil. We look at our farm with a long term view, we want to preserve the soil for future generations. Other disciplines we employ in building a healthy soil web include cover cropping, crop rotation and field rest.

We also include the livestock into our field management. For example, our chickens are on fallow fields where their manure provides adequate nitrogen for the upcoming planting season. Our pigs follow in the rotation as they root the chicken manure into the soil. We try to put our livestock, whenever possible, into their most natural environment. For example, our pigs are raised on pasture/woodlands where they have the benefits of the sun as well as having the choice to shade themselves under the trees.

We only use certified organic fertilizers for our plants and certified organic feed for our animals. We provide all of our livestock access to the sun whenever the animals choose it; all animals are pastured raised, the way Nature intended. We respect Natures Law which includes being good stewards of the soil and having respect for all God’s creatures.   

We are a family-owned farm that values nature.
Our farm's principles "healthy soil, nutritious food, happy people" is rooted in everything we do.